Brilliant Solutions Wheel Polishing Kit

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Meguiar's® DynaCone™ polishing tool & All-Metal Polish make it fast & easy to polish wheels & metals, & get a mirror-like shine in just minutes! Used with your drill, Meguiar's® proprietary diamond-shaped tool easily accesses & safely polishes even the most delicate & tricky wheel surfaces. And the rugged DynaCone™ Polisher won't rip or tear like lesser tools. Comes complete with Meguiar's® All-Metal Polish & unique Foam Pad Cleaner to keep your DynaCone™ Polisher ready-to-use!


59,90 €

Deep Crystal® Car Wash

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Deep Crystal® Car Wash contains special ingredients that extend the life of the suds. Dirt and grime are quickly loosened and removed while wax protection is preserved. For unparalleled performance, use with Meguiar’s® Microfiber Wash Mitt.

21,96 €

Fiberglass Restoration System

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A specialized three-step system developed to restore the original look of faded or damaged fiberglass gel coat surfaces.


  • 1. No. 49 Oxidation Remover will remove oxidation, stains, and scratches.
  • 2. No. 45 Polish will restore brilliant gloss to the finish.
  • 3. No. 56 Pure Wax will provide long-lasting, durable protection to the restored surface.

Flagship New Boat Owner's Kit

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A complete starter kit for every new boat owner who wants to care and maintain their new investment. Three specialized products will help to keep a boat looking new. Includes No. 65 Flagship Premium Marine Wash, No. 63 Flagship Premium Marine Wax, No. 52 Quik Clean and an Applicator Pad.

Gold Teak Oil

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Protects teak, rejuvenating the rich, natural golden wood colors. Prevents drying out of wood from exposure to the elements. Great for bulk heads, hatch covers, swim steps, guard rails and decking.

Marine Boat Wash

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64 oz. ecomony size. Long lasting suds. Safely removes grime and dirt. Refreshing scent. Biodegradable.


22,56 €